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Our Mission

Established in 2018, our goal is to offer not just a product but a  product that aids in the success of individuals that seek to become something
greater than themselves. We may not know where nor how far we'll go in life but we do know that pain and suffering are only temporary.
VIVALAALPHA is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle, where activewear meets performance. Rather than just offering apparel we wanted to
create a unique community of fitness enthusiast underdogs that are set apart from what society deems average.

Our Vision

The importance of who we are lies in the art of authentic relationship building. Nevermore than now has there been a need for diversity
and unity amongst the human race so VIVALAALPHA has made a vow to provide the resources necessary to promote a sense of belonging,
personal achievement, and accountability

Our Core Values

-Aspire to direct you towards achieving your fitness goals
-Innovate by introducing a new definition of active wear
-Motivate provide a motive for you to live longer, live stronger, and dominate


A large amount of water usage, carbon emissions, and waste from textiles are the responsibility of the fashion industry so to do our part in decreasing
our global footprint we are aiming to use processed and raw materials that have a lower impact on the environment

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